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I’m Fabulous, Bitches

2013 June 10
by Handsome Denny


Livin’ On A Prayer

2013 June 7
by Handsome Denny


So, this is the old homestead, eh?

2010 September 19

Cousin EddieSo last year Randy Quaid and his crazy wife got busted using bad credit cards to stay on a ranch, a hotel, and rent a car (which they forgot to return.)  Now, they have bee arrested for squatting in a house that they sold years ago, claiming it still belongs to them. They also allegedly caused $5,000 worth of damage.  What is it with celebrities and damaging stuff?  I don’t have $5,000 worth of stuff to damage, not to mention I wouldn’t do it if I did.

I’m hoping that maybe this is a spin-off of the Joaquin Phoenix performance art thing, but I’m afraid that Evi’s looney tunes have rubbed off on Randy, driving him to become Couisin Eddie in real life.

Randy has been quoted as saying “When I was a kid and the carnival would come to the shopping center, I’d go down and talk to all the people running the rides. I like that whole lifestyle, moving from town to town in a nomadic existence.” So there’s that.

The Associated Press: Randy Quaid, wife face burglary charges in Calif..

An Iron Maiden Walks Into a Bar…

2010 August 20

Did you know that Iron Maiden just released their 15th album?  I thought they were all dead!  And that Bruce Dickinson guy needs to do a better job of looking like Christopher Walken.

This is a picture of their bar tab in Norway.  What kind of socialist money do they use in Norway?  And what is a Polly Peanøtter (pretend that ‘O’ has a slash through it.  WTF?)

$3275 Bar Tab of the Day — The Daily What

For When You Want Them To Be Sure

2009 October 1
by Handsome Denny

Click Through for Dick Less

I’m trying to think of a practical use for this, but I guess not everything has to be practical.  It’s just a dick joke, no more, no less.

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